In no country in the world is it forbidden that a donation can be made out of free will from one individual to another. Crypto Wealth has prepared such a donation plan with Bitcoins which is a decentralised currency belonging not to banks or governments but to the people in whose hands they are.

Crypto Wealth is being offered its own banking platform. Companies responsible for helping individuals with tax preparations have come forward, as well as forensic auditors to state their willingness to be involved, participate in the UDP as well as help members with the tax returns. Foundations will be set up in all countries participating and millions of dollars, as per these countries memberships and participation will be channelled to those countries foundation to be used for education and schooling.

One of the 4 Plans in the Crypto Wealth Initiative is called the UNIVERSAL DONATION PLAN. This plan comprises of a world first system through which donations are made and every registered member, be it 250 000 or 6 million or more, will earn from monthly donations without recruiting or referring. Donation incomes could exceed $12 000 per position.

See under the button ABOUT THE UDP more of what is planned concerning the donation start-up amounts.

All Pre-Registration for now is for free and payment anticipated to be asked for somewhere between middle January and middle February. Positions are not limited and there is no age restriction. We urge all to pre-register as soon as possible as the first 300 000 to pre-register will come in at a donation amount about 3 times less than what those will donate who come after the 300 000 line. All extra donations received will flow into the system and increase the monthly donations to members.